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Smart Start 2022/2023: Week 24

Hip, hip, hooray for the letter K!

Check out our K-themed learning and play!

Kandinsky-inspired shape study, keys and locks for fine motor development, and self-portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo. Kaleidoscopes delighted and the kitchen was buzzing with hospitality and imaginative play. We built kingdoms out of sand and kingdoms out of blocks and read lots of books!

Spring is almost here and we will be spending the rest of the semester learning about our world. In particular, we will start exploring the life cycles of plants, animals, and insects. This week, we had a special guest who brought a dozen eggs and two incubators. Ms. Skyla Lawless talked with our students about life on a farm and how she cares for her chickens. Our classroom eggs will hatch the week before Spring Break. The next few weeks will be exciting as we await their arrival!

This week, our students engaged in a new art form: photography. We learned about Georgia O'Keefe back in December and this week, we revisited her work using her style as a way to begin discussions about perspective and composition in photography.

Georgia O'Keefe-inspired photography:

The main thrust of this week was kindness. We read about kindness, journaled about kindness, and practiced kindness in dozens of ways. Our kids already have such kind hearts. They are empathetic and loving and the conversations this week were sweet like honey.

We rounded out the week with addition practice, reading practice, kickboxing, and learning about keyboards and keys. We danced, we laughed, and we finished the week with a little karaoke!

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