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Smart Start 2022/2023: Week 23

Read Across America Week (also known as Dr. Seuss Week) is one of our FAVORITE weeks of the year! The first week of March is dedicated to books, reading, and all things Seuss. That means our classroom was full of rhyming words, colors, patterns, hats, silly socks, and LOTS of literary fun! One of the highlights of this special week is that it brings special people to our classroom to read to our students and to promote a love of reading and community. This week's guests were AMAZING!

Monday's Guest Reader: Anita Tucker

Anita recently retired after over 50 years in the banking industry and now she spends her time with Russell County children subbing for K-12th grade classes. A community servant and an inspiration to many, Anita was a spectacular person to kick off this special week! We asked Ms. Anita to read Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist. If you know Anita, you know that she does everything with her whole heart. She didn't just READ Fancy Nancy. Ms. Anita WAS Fancy Nancy. She dressed the part and acted out the pages and made Monday's book come alive!

Tuesday's Guest Reader: Dani Ford

Dani is a new addition to our ArtWorks team and we thought this was the perfect week for her to pop into Smart Start and meet our youngest artists. Ms. Dani read What if Picasso Painted a Snowman? As a professional artist, Ms. Dani was the perfect person to read this artist inspired tale. The students LOVED Dani and can't wait to create with her in one of her art classes!

Wednesday's Guest Reader: Chief Jeff Kerns

Our building sits right in the heart of Jamestown and we are neighbors to the Jamestown Police Department. We were thrilled to have Jamestown Police Chief Jeff Kerns stop by on Wednesday to read Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? A visit from a police officer means a room full of curious kids with lots of questions about what it's like to be a policeman. Chief Kerns was patient and kind and answered all of our questions and heard a few stories. He brought badge stickers and gave them out only, but only after we took an oath to be helpful and kind.

Thursday's Guest Reader: Brenna Posey

Brenna serves as the Outreach Librarian for the Russell County Public Library. We were PUMPED to have Ms. Brenna visit us and not only read, but to tell us about the many, many, MANY amazing things that RCPL has to offer. Ms. Brenna was engaging and funny and Russell County is so blessed to have her out and about in the community reading, creating, playing, and learning with our citizens young and old!

While reading took center stage this week, we still made time for lots of other Dr. Seuss-themed learning, play, and creating. From games like "Seuss Says" and "Don't Wake the Cat" to patterned hats and oobleck, this week was bursting with joy, fun, and discovery.

Our journal station was magical this week. Students climbed into our hot air balloon and we invited them to imagine "Oh the Places You Will Go".

Our inspiration artist was Alma Thomas. We read about Alma and created our own version of one of her paintings. Full of colors, shapes, and patterns, this masterpiece was so much fun to create together.

We practice writing our names every day. This week we asked, "Can you write your name with your eyes shut?" The answer: YES!

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