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Smart Start 2018-Week 2 - Wednesday

This week was all about APPLES! We used ripe, red apples as a springboard into all kinds of learning and discovery. On Wednesday, our "Question of the Day" was "What is in the brown bag?" As students arrived, we asked and they answered!

"What is in the brown bag?"

Everyone was anxious to see what was in the bag, but they would have to wait until Circle Time to find out.

During Morning Play, Mrs. Debbie helped the kids get started on their first art project of the day. We painted brown paint on hands and arms and pressed them on paper. "What will it be?" we wondered.

During Circle Time, we met the "Leader of the Day", sang our way through the days of the week, and checked the weather. Finally, it was time to see what was in that brown bag!

Inside, we found a sweet, red apple! We talked about what we like about apples and how we were going to observe apples, taste apples, play with apples, read about apples, and enjoy apples for the next two weeks. We introduced the letter "Aa" and sang a song to help us learn the shape and sound.

Our book for Wednesday was "10 Apples Up on Top". The kids loved listening to this classic story sung in the style of Jason Mraz.

After singing and dancing, we moved back to the art room to finish our apple tree art.

After a snack and some time to run and play, we got into sensory and science. Our students enjoyed scooping and measuring real materials like oatmeal, flour, and cinnamon. They visited the fine motor table where they worked to link, stretch, and stack. Our homemade play dough was colored to look like apples, leaves, trees, and stems and smelled of cinnamon! We made LOTS of apples pies!

Our science exploration focused on observation. We sliced apples and observed the change that occurred over time. We asked, "Who thinks the apples will change over time." Seven hands up in the air!

After leaving the apple slices in the Science Center for an hour, we came back to observe them and asked, "What happened to the apples."

The students were quick to recognize that they had turned brown.

"Why do you think they turned brown?" we asked.

"Because of the air!" replied Marian.

We let the kids take turns using a plastic fork to slice apples for our next experiment. They each had their own way of cutting. Chance figured out that sometimes it helps to move the knife back and forth like a saw.

Hayes said, "Hey, can I eat that?" :)

We talked about how we all love apple slices, but we do not love how they turn brown. We asked, "What could we do to keep them from turning brown?"

We set up an experiment where we tested four different liquids to see if they would keep our apples from turning brown.

We placed our apple slices in water, vinegar, lemon juice, and Sprite. We left our apples soaking and said, "What do you think they will look like on Friday?"

Wednesday was full of exploration and discovery. Children are tremendous problem-solvers and are so observant! We love all their questions, ideas, and the sweet way they express what they are seeing and learning.


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