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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start 2018 - Week 2 - Friday

Our apple adventure continues! On Friday, as the children enjoyed some morning play, we asked them to tell us something about apples.

Our Circle Time story was "The Little Red House with No Windows or Doors". The children listened so carefully and were enthralled by this tale of a little boy on the hunt for a little red house, with no windows or doors, a chimney up on top, and a star inside.

The best part was finding the little red house right there in our classroom! Mrs. Debbie cut into the apple and guess what we found!

The star!

After the story, we went to the Big Studio where we rolled like apples on the mat and hung on the silks like apples on the tree. In the Small Studio, we bounced on the trampoline like apples falling to the ground and bouncing along. All that moving had us ready for a little snack and a little down time before we jumped into art and sensory activities.

Friday's art project was so much fun and the results were BEAUTIFUL! We took our sliced apples and used them to press and print apples with stars in the center

We explored a variety of sensory bins all of which felt and smelled like fall.

We mixed up our red, green, and yellow play dough and found fun new colors.

Layla made Rainbow Pie!

We ended the day with some music and by revisiting our apple slices from Wednesday. We found that lemon juice was by far the best way to keep our apples just the way we like them!

We can't wait for next week! Our apple adventure continues!

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