• Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start 2018 - Week 1

This week we kicked off our Smart Start adventure and it was magical! Each day our students started the day with free play in our Imagination and Sharing Rooms. They explored real objects like flowers, pine cones, shells, wood, and cans. They also activated their imaginations playing with animals, dinosaurs, kitchen accessories, and more!

After Free Play, we met for Morning Circle Time where we met our Leader of the Day, talked about th

e weather, and filled in the calendar. During Circle Time, we watched a video featuring Pete the Cat that launched us into the day's activities. We rocked in our school shoes, loved our red shoes, and popped our groovy buttons with Pete the Cat.

After Circle Time, we got moving and grooving. We danced to music, pretended to be cats like Pete, played games, sang songs, and enjoyed getting our bodies moving! This group has loads of energy and man, oh man, do they LOVE to sing!