• Marisa Ramsey

February Fun at Smart Start

This month we have tackled A LOT of learning!

-Letters N,O, and P

-Love and what it means

-Bird Feeders

-Cutting Skills

-Fine Motor Skills

-New games

-Germs and how to stay healthy

-Blending colors

-Bending light

-The Post Office and how the mail works

-Letter writing


-Valentine Party

-Dancing with a Partner

-Choreography (dance with a plan)


-Alphabet Dancing and Stretching

-Dino Day


-National Tell a Fairytale Day

-Making a Planting Plan

-Planting Seeds

And loads more! Here's a look at our fantastic February.

There is a lot of fantastic dialogue in this video. They are thinking, trying, collaborating, and sharing. This kind of play invitation develops problem-solving skills, social skills, and spacial awareness. We love catching moments like this on video!

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