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2022/2023: Week 7

Trick or Treat!

Letter T Week was a treat!

This week's T-themed invitations included

  • Tinker Toys

  • Taco Cart

  • Trains

  • Tissue Paper Painting

  • How to Tie Shoes

  • Tulip Planting

  • Taking Care of Teeth

  • Tap, Twist, and Twirl

On Tuesday, we welcomed a special guest. Dr. Andrea Owens stopped by to talk with our students about our teeth. She gave us lots of great information about tooth and gum care and the things we can eat that are good for our teeth and the things that we should avoid. With Halloween just around the corner, this was a really good reminder to watch out for sticky, chewy candy and to brush those "sugar bugs" away!

Wednesday and Thursday were costume party days! The characters and costumes were so much fun and a terrific opportunity for dramatic play. We enjoyed some extra long play time, party treats, and a movie.

Thank you, parents, for the goodie bags, homemade sweets, and tasty treats!

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