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2022/2023: Week 4

Letter L Week!

This week was L-L-LOVELY! We had so much fun with our letter L play and learning invitations. Leaf prints, Lincoln Logs, Light Table Letters, and Designs with Lines!

Lego Engineering was a popular invitation last week so it remained in our learning area for another round of floating, hanging, swinging, and spinning design.

Tasty Science had us licking lemons this week as we learned about our sense of taste.

Letter learning was slightly different this week as we practiced writing in shaving cream. Puffy clouds of shaving foam became a fun canvas for letter writing, drawing shapes, and writing our names.

We rounded out the week with lessons about pathways and how we can move/dance in straight, curvy, and zigzag lines. We played The Floor is Lava! We danced the Hula and did the Cha Cha to some Latin grooves. We read LOTS of books! Books about little lighthouses and llamas and silly farm animals that made us laugh. We drew pictures in our journals of the people we love and the things that make us laugh the hardest. We played outside, took care of our classroom pets and plants, and learned about color blending and negative space.

Next week is Fall Break! We hope you enjoy a week of rest and play. We will see you back in the classroom on Tuesday, October 11th!

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