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2022/2023: Week 18

Dazzling Letter D!

A donut shop with a drive thru, dinosaurs, driving, dentist doh, doll houses, dominoes, and dozens of ways to create and explore!

Our inspiration artists this week were Sonia Delaunay and Jim Dine. Students worked together to create a Delaunay inspired piece reflecting the artist's Orphism art style which focuses on pure abstraction and bright colors.

Working on the first steps of our Jim Dine inspired hearts!

In Music and Movement, we decorated drums, learned about different styles of dance, learned to drum quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes, and we even enjoyed a dino, disco dance party!

Science lessons included learning about dissolution where we dunked a slice of bread, a cupcake, a graham cracker, and a Goldfish cracker in water to see which would dissolve first. Students made observations about the differences between the objects and then made predictions as to which would dissolve first.

We also talked about how scientists track data by documenting information. We did some donut taste testing and documented which donuts we like best according to sight, smell, and taste. We documented the data and made an interesting discovery! The donut that had the fewest votes for the way it looked and smelled got the most votes for taste! The lesson: Try it! You might like it!

We are more than halfway through the year and that means not only are we learning letter names, shapes, and sounds. We are putting letters together and reading more and more every day!

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