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2022/2023: Week 13

Week 13 was all about the letter S and that meant lots of SPECTACULAR fun!

We turned the Home Center into Santa's workshop where students used Tinker Toys, Connectagons, and Einstien Blocks to create their own toys. The Building Center was full of stacking challenges. Whether it was cups, blocks, or stones we stacked and balanced, and engineered some elaborate structures. This week's art invitations included spiral art, scribble art, and spin art. We learned how to use stippling sponges to create a beautiful snowflake canvas. Science this week was all about our senses. We used an art project to learn about visible versus invisible and everyone enjoyed the Christmas Smells challenge that had us using our sense of smell to identify yummy Christmas scents. In the Wiggle Room, we learned how to warm up our bodies, faces, and voices before signing and then we sang along to Christmas Carols, Disney favorites, and played our shaky eggs. We wrote in sprinkles, spent time reading lots of books, made scratch art ornaments, and finished the week with snowglobes and decorating snickerdoodles!

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