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2022/2023: Week 10

This Week's Themes and Concepts:

  • Letter of the Week: Oo

  • Over & Under

  • Opposites

  • Oceans

  • Organs in our bodies

  • Circles in nature (tree stumps, onions, water ripples, etc.)

  • Weaving and stringing

  • Number writing

  • Word building

  • Using oil pastels

  • Inspiration Artists: Wassily Kandinsky & Georgia O'Keeffe


  • Oliver

  • The Olphabet

  • Owen

  • If I Had an Octopus

  • The Ornery Morning

  • Beautiful Oops

Letter O art!

Letter O Moving, Grooving, and high-energy play!

An exciting, spontaneous collaboration! We love these. These students asked for and gathered the materials for their play. They worked together building, sorting, arranging, and rearranging. Along the way, there were lots of discussions, agreement, disagreement, compromise, shared work, and lots of encouraging one another. There are so many things going on in this moment of play. This is why play is so important and why we hold space for spontaneity, curiosity, and wonder.

We love having some of our older art students around the classroom several times a week. They play and create along with our Smart Start students and are an example and inspiration. This week, some of our students saw one of our older artists using a particular technique and wanted to join in.

We had so much letter O fun this week! Lots of discovery, curiosity, conversation, and spontaneous creativity and play. We are seeing new friendships, new collaborations, and lots of new connections being made each day. This week was pure joy!

PS. See if you can guess who these "old" faces belong to. :)

Thanks to an old face filter, we had a hilarious journal prompt this week featuring pictures of what they might look like when they are old. We had the best time guessing who was who!

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